St. Joseph's R. C. Church

A caring community reaching out to one another in Christ.


"We, the parish of St. Joseph's, in union with our Holy Father, our bishop, and our pastor, seek to grow in holiness as a welcoming and caring family reaching out to all. As a faith-filled community celebrating the Eucharist, we strive to enrich our spiritual lives by cultivating a deeper relationship with Christ through the sacraments. We are united in faith and find unity in diversity as we pray for the grace to use our gifts and talents to promote the knowledge of God's love."





Parish Life 


Faith Formation

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Matamoras, PA 18336

St. Joseph's R. C. Church, Matamoras, PA​ 





Daily Mass:  Monday & Thursday 12:00 pm

Weekend Mass:  Saturday 4:00 pm                                           Sunday  8:30 am

Reconciliation: Saturday  3:00 - 3:30pm                  Adoration:  Thursday TBA

Our Mission Statement:

                    MASS ATTENDANCE        Effective Immediately anyone who is            NOT FULLY-VACINATED against Covid-19 must continue to wear a Face Mask while attending Mass.  Those individuals who      ARE FULLY-VACINATED are no longer required to wear Face Masks while attending Mass or receiving Holy Communion.

If you are experiencing Covid-19 Symptoms please DO NOT ENTER THE CHURCH.

Thank you for your patience.